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1st Wilmington Scout Group

The Beaver Colony

The Beaver colony is split up into smaller groups, called Lodges, and each Lodge has a Lodge leader and an assistant lodge leader. These are the more senior, reliable and competent Beavers, good behaviour is also a requirement for these roles.

Each Lodge has its own colour, and is usually made up of about 6 Beavers.

Our Beaver leaders names are taken from the stories of Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne, we have Eeyore, Rabbit, Pooh Bear and Tigger.

Trips and camps

Beavers are now allowed to camp, but more commonly take part in indoor 'sleepovers'. They can also go to camp on day visits so they can take part in activities etc.

There will be plenty of opportunity for trips while in the Beaver colony, last term our Beavers visited the Hop Farm as part of a District event, and a day visit to Walton Firs Scout camp while the Dartford District camp was on.

Our Group try to offer a Family Camp every two years, an opportunity for parents and siblings to accompany them to camp!

Badges and awards

All Beavers will work towards many badges, while at meetings, on trips and some parts will need to be done at home.

There are two distinct types of badge, activity badges and challenge badges. The activity badges are the opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests further, the challenge badges give a basic set of activities and training to be completed. There are 20 activity badges, 14 staged activity badges, and 6 challenge badges for Beavers. A Beaver who completes all six challenge badges will gain the Chief Scout's Bronze Award, this is the highest award a Beaver can get, and they will be invited to a special award ceremony to receive their certificate.

If you would like further information on badges and awards click here. If your child wishes to do any badge work please discuss it with a leader, they may have resources or plans to do it already!

The Beaver Scout promise

I promise to do my best

to be kind and helpful

and to love God

The Beaver Scout motto

Be prepared

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