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1st Wilmington Scout Group

General Questions

How much does it cost to be a member of 1st Wilmington Scout group?

Subs are 25.00 per school half term per child, with a reduction to 21 for a family's second and subsequent children in the Group at the same time.

Subs are due termly in advance, they cover costs such as insurance, payments to District and County Scout Councils for support to us, heating, lighting, refreshments and so on.

Camps and visits are charged for separately and with as much notice to parents as possible.

I offered to help out and was given a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) form, why do I need to fill it in?

As you might expect, any person with access to young people has to go through a strict vetting procedure, this is currently the DBS process. It checks whether a person has any criminal convictions and whether or not they are deemed safe to work with young people. All Leaders and helpers have DBS clearance. For family camps all attending adults must have a current DBS clearance.

What about special needs?

Sometimes we have young people with special needs, everyone is welcome at our group. If your child has special needs or needs help with any activity please speak to a leader.

What about first aid provision if there's an accident?

All leaders undertake first aid training, there is always a trained person and a first aid kit at meetings or on trips and camps.

My child came home and reported that he was made to sit out a game/activity, why was this?

In line with our code of conduct, we expect all members to behave appropriately, to listen and to be respectful. In general, we deal with minor incidents by a quiet word, sitting out a game (or part of), washing up the beakers etc. For incidents of bullying, fighting, or constant poor behaviour we will contact parents, and it may result in suspension for a period of time.

I've seen how much fun my child is having and I want to be part of it, how do I get involved?

The first step would be to speak to a leader, they will ask you what specific things you'd like to do and advise you what role you might like to take. There are many different roles for adults in scouting, for example, a group will have not only Leaders, assistant leaders, and a Group Scout Leader, but maybe a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, a fundraiser, and a quartermaster, as well as other interested people on the executive committee.

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